How to play?


I’m Pistache, Hotel Le Meurice’s mascot, I can help you through the game if you’d like me to!

Getting started is easy! Just choose the language you’d like to play in and fill out the questions about yourself so we can get to know you better. I might even send a gift to your address if you answer the questions correctly!

The game begins as soon as you click on the [Play!] button!

All you have to do is answer 20 questions about the hotel. There’s no time limit, so you can put your thinking cap on. But if you haven’t got it in a few seconds, you’ll see the hourglass transformed into a button (A clue?) as if by magic. I’ll come to help you if you click it!

Once you know the answer, click on one of the three choices you’ve been given; a green bar will highlight your choice. You can change your mind until you click on the [Next question] button.  You can’t go back after that…but don’t worry! Once you’ve finished you’ll have the chance to play again and beat your score!

When you’ve answered all the questions you’ll get a score out of 20…and find out what happens next…

I hope we’ll enjoy learning together.
Good luck!